entry number ten

Alrighttt! To-do list for today:

01. serge & sew sokka (fire nation) shirt (which I hope I didn't screw up because of my lack of area to cut out fabric)
02. finish sokka (fire nation) belt (both dark red & red)
03. test out sokka (fire nation) collar because the pattern is stupidddd
04. empty out room
maybe: 05. finish sokka (season 3 - water tribe) shirt (I'M SO HAPPY TO RE-MAKE THIS T_T)

01. black cording! I forgot. :(
02. paint for the room because it's so dirty. thanks brother. thanks.

Things left for water tribe (season 3) sokka:
01. new boots + covers
02. new shirt! ♥

i'm going to start using this thing by making a bunch of to-do lists and checking them off. wooo
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entry number nine

It's hard to want to sew when you have even less space to sew now. x__x Now my brother has thrown instrument cases (the piano I want T_T that was previously stored in the room I'm trying to move into) in the living room, so I am now moved to the kitchen. Luckily, Matt & Mandy are off to Ottawa for a week, so there is no one in the kitchen. BUT ONCE THEY DO COME BACK, WHERE WILL I GO???


gotta clean

okay. right. cosplay journal thing.

i love this thing because i can read my lists and go, "Lol I only wore 3 outfits to that con and only one of them is on that list." me = ftw. I'm attempting to change that and it worked for AN2008. I just didn't finish one simple outfit, but that's okay. I still had 2 new AWESOME ones. And one was actuall 100% finished (okay minus one detail, but stfu).

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entry number five

So everyone who knows Hyung-Tae Kim knows that his art is wonderful and cosplayers love his costumes (me included). I've always been in love with Felicia from Magna Carta, so one of my favourite costumes of Minako's was Felicia because it's so well done. ♥ I keep bugging her to wear it, but she's actually letting me wear it, so uh.. I'm definetly going to take advantage of that. She said I could wear her Cage Toshiya also, but it's too pretty, so I'm afraid to ruin it. :c Either way, I can't wait to wear Felicia! It's going to be pantyshot-a-licious, but I'll do it for Felicia. Although, we're going to re-do the shoes because her's were really hard to walk in, so wooooo. I really can't wait! I thought about stealing it for MarchTAC, but I really want to make Rabi and it'll probably be too cold. Plus, it'll probably be smarter to wear it on Friday of Anime North. :d

Rabi? Yeah, I said Rabi. His sexy second outfit. I stared at it and drew it all out to realize it's not as hard as I thought AND I could use my pleather for it along with the snakeskin fabric I have for the headband. It could be a really cheap (price wise) costume since I only have to buy some bias tape (I'm thinking of using piping for some of it which I have >:D), white pants, and a wig. Well, there's also stuff for the hammer, but I'll worry about that when I have to. Plus, I have a plan that'll make it really cheap. :)

So ya. I'm going to work on patterns tomorrow since I'm still dead from walking all today and the diru concert yesterday. I hope I have a pattern that I could mod for his jacket since I really just want to mod a pattern and I want to do it now, so.. k.



entry number 4

I figured that since I may be going to school this September, I want to make a bunch of cosplays before then. :) I mean this seriously considering every other time I plan 500 things and never get them done. hahah Plus, some of the cosplays I have planned are already half done. The main reason for this is because I have a new outfit that I'm really tempted to make, so.. I'm going to try working on Aoi and this new costume at the same time until I go to Minako's for a TB sewing partay. I think that's in... 2 weeks? :3

This means a new cosplay list!

March TAC:
01. Casiss Aoi - Gazette (If the top and shawl actually work out...)
02. Shiikureta Haru, Kawarenu Haru Aoi - Gazette (I want better pictures of it where I don't look gross)

Anime North:
01. U Leeteuk - Super Junior (still deciding between that version and the live versoin)
02. ?? - ?!?!?!?
03. Esther Blanchett - Trinity Blood
04. Japanese Low-Res Caramel Town Ryouhei - Ayabie (I must fix it up)
05. Hachi - NANA

I've decided to try Miyavi for Otakon since I read that a lot of Miyavi cosplayers are going, soo wooo.

I guess that's it! I'm going to be lazy for 10 minutes and then start Cassis Aoi. I hope to make ??? patterns today along with cutting it out, but I have other non-cosplay stuff to do too....
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entry number 3

It looks like I may be going to Otakon. I hope so because I'd love to meet/see some friends and I haven't been to a US con in two years, so I miss it. :D I know I'm bringing Esther for sure, but I'm hoping to make Miyavi for it and I'd love to try Mikako for it. ♥ Although, if I keep reading Tsubasa, I may be forced to make a costume from it. >_________>

Oh well.

I bought Esther's fabric for really cheap (9m for 30 dollars because of a yummy fabricland sale ♥) along with Ryouhei's lacing and with Otakon possibly happening, I think I'm going to try to finish Ryouhei and Jui. Yay! ♥ Too bad I can't work on Esther till I see Minako next because I can't do the pattern without her fake boobs since Esther has huge boobs and well.... I'm missing those, so we need to make a pattern around that. It's a shame I can't do it by myself because I'd really love to work on Esther. hahah Now I just need to save up 30 more dollars to buy the awesome bias tape for her. ♥

I should start working on Jung soon. I'm tempted to cheat and just find a pair of black jeans like his since I should get a new pair, anyway. :3 All I really need to do is make the vest, do the iron on for the tshirt, and then buy stuff for the under shirt/vest. Wahooooo.

Anything else I feel like rambling about? Oh I'm trying to make a pretty lolita skirt+head dress inspired by a korean shop called "Garnet" and Antique Beast. It's hard though because my sewing machine refuses to sew properly, so I think my sewing machine has finally given up after 5 years. What bad timing. >:OOOO

entry number two

I worked on Cassis Aoi's top today. Turns out I did the rounded pleather trim backwards the other day which is why it wasn't working. haha At least it's better now, but I think I made the trim .1" too thick. Oh well.

Spring cosplay list!

March TAC:
Saturday - U Leeteuk (Super Junior)
Sunday - Cassis Aoi (Gazette)

Anime North:
Friday - Kadaj (FF:AC) [If Minako can't get it done, I'll try Jui and/or Saga since I know Seth will be a lot of work]
- Lolita (Most likely Moi-même-Moitié, but I hope for something else)
Saturday - Esther Blanchett (Trinity Blood)
- Kimi ni negai wo Miyavi
Sunday - Hachi (NANA)

Although, I may end up wearing Teuk to AN if this group thing actually works, so that would change a lot. The main reason I chose Cassis was because AN had a room that looked a lot like some doors in Cassis, but Minako wants me to wear Meev to the dance, so that kind of ruins it. However, I could try to sneak in some kind of photoshoot with him late at night. hahahah

I plan on getting a really long dark red wig for Esther because then the side pieces would be the right length and I can always hide the back in my outfit, so I won't chop it off. :) I'm trying to think of something else to do with that wig, but I don't think anyone I want to cosplay has long red hair. :( Oh well, it'll probably be a good loli wig.

I also feel like cosplaying Larsa or Mjrn. Larsa is awesome because he's the best guest everrrrr while Mjrn is a viera that actually is quite covered up compared to the rest. Oh decisions...

entry number one

For my first post in this faggy little lj, I decided to make it interesting with a cosplay review of 2006. I wasn't going to bother doing a review, but why not? :D

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Now that 2006 is over, it's time to offically plan for 2007

Cosplay list for 2007:
- Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood
- Miyavi Kimi ni negai wo
- Jui Remind Story from Vidoll
- Aoi Taion from the GazettE
- Leeteuk U live from Super Junior
- Micky Balloons from Dong Bang Shin Gi
- Penelo from Final Fantasy XII
- Hachi from NANA
- Kadaj from Final Fantasy Advent Children

Other things I'd like to do, but won't:
- Saga Gradation from alice nine.
- Mikako from Gokinjo Monogatari
- Tsugiri from Alichino
- Serina from Magna Carta: Tears of Blood
- Something from Kingdom Hearts. Mainly Roxas.
- Oh and fix up my Ryouhei costume please!

It seems my year is already planned for. Let's just see how many I actually get done and how many times I change my mind. :D