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entry number fifthteen


things left to-do for fire nation sokka:
01. armband -> buy
02. collar -> gold + hook & eyes
03. wristbands
04. pants -> modify + sew bottom trim on
05. belt -> velcro + square
06. shirt -> cording + fix + finish armoholes
07. sandals
08. weapon -> maybe. i want it, but don't know howtf to make it.
09. hair tie

to buy:
01. armband (dark red)
02. two shades of yellow foam
03. red foam
04. black cording
05. velcro

a lot of crap, but most of them are little things. put them all together and it would only take 1-2 days. yup. i've just been sleep & food deprived, so i'm extra lazy. tonight should be better though!

01. wristbands
02. fix shirt
03. finish armholes
04. find pants
05. modify pants
06. sew trim on pants
07. make square for belt
08. hook & eyes on collar

And my white reflective vinyl tape just came in. Inspired to work on Simon now, so for fun:

01. add glasses to skull

\m/ GLOW BITCH GLOW. Here is my Simon progress from like a week ago that I never posted:

ps travis is out of the picture because the glasses are too LAME. i'm either sticking to just simon once i finish fn+water tribe+holly summers since Walmart apparently has his boots or.. just making a simple avatar outfit. prison suki would be nice, but I don't have the hair anymore since I dyed it black. haha. maybe ty lee's beach outfit? hmmmm

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