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entry number fourteen

fn sokka to-do list!

01. sew bias tape on collar
02. hooks & eyes on collar
03. hooks & eyes on top

01. finish pants
02. wristbands
03. armhole on shirt
04. sandals (maybe)

01. sandals (maybe)

and most likely, sokka's water tribe shirt on wednesday too. A NEW AND BEAUTIFUL ONE. YAY. I should fix the boomerang case, so it opens. I've always wondered how the boomerang is packed in there and they finally showed him taking it out during the last episode. However, IT'S FLAT. Maybe he got a new one. Or am I just forgetting something? Haha.

to buy:
01. gold hair tie
02. two shades of yellow & red foam
03. velcro
04. armbands

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