August 12th, 2008


entry number twenty

Sooo I totally don't like my Sokka sandals because they're made for someone with bigger feet. I wanted to use my flipflops as a base because well.. duh. sandals. flipflops. HELLOOOOO.

But my one pair is lost in the room of storage, so I used my Mickey Mouse ones (SHOWS HOW MUCH I LOVE SOKKA OK). I forgot they're a size too big, so... they're too big!!! :( but they will do :( I've only seen one or two people make the sandals anyway, so the size can be overlooked. bwuahahah.

ok they're not so bad. I just have to paint the bottoms to be black and fix the red (lol so uneven).

ps: also made the flame for the hairtie, gold on the collar (100% now~!!!), & uh.. we'll see what else I can come up with. tomorrow = wrist bands & pants. then the rest is hollyhollyholly and pokemonfaggot.

HOORAY I FINALLY GET TO DO THE MASQ FOR ONCE. HOORAIOJDS YEA. And of course it's Wang Fire and not something I worked hard onx23432049032. lol. But Wang Fire is still sewn very nicely for such a simple thing (I just hate the collar).
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