August 11th, 2008


entry number nineteen

Awwwwwwwww thumbelina. I want to make her now. Add that to the Halloween list along with Megara, Sailor Mercury, Ragnarok Online, & Rogue (X-MEN FTW). oh dear. Her wig would have to be three wigs though because her ponytail is soo thick. ;[

I'm starting off little.

and then work up to the big stuff. costume-wise. i'll also drink coffee to make me not take a nap. lol

HMM. I did some today and hopefully, I can do more tomorrow. I want to finish the pants (aka find them), wrist bands (50% atm), & start the sandals tomorrow. The sandals shouldn't take long since most of it will be foam.

FAN EXPO WILL BE FUN BECAUSE LIKE.. IT'S MY HOME CON. My favourite con. 2004 was the best year and I haven't had that much fun since, but I think I will this time since I plan on hanging out A LOTTTTTT for once. T_T

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