August 5th, 2008


entry number seventeen

progress is FAIL AND LAME because I was busy all weekend.

tonight: do NOTHING, but clean my room and then play some RO (TEEHEE) later on.

i think i would be sewing 300 times more if i had a set up and ROOM to sew. god. i miss going into my room and blasting music. i can't do that in the living room (aka my new room minus the current room i sleep in that is covered in junk) unless no one is home.

it shouldn't take more than an evening to move all that junk into the other room. Then I can go out for some paint tomorrow and uh.. start painting it. Maybe it will be done by this weekend (yeah right), so I can have 2 weeks to sew. A new costume maybe? Moe Travis with non-pink avaitors (wahhhhhhhhhhh)? Porygon gijinka (digimon > all), some more avatar, or uh.. something else.


oh well

one more day of work.

i do enjoy the thought of doing such a huge amount of cleaning. I've been throwing things out slowly since the winter, but now I can do the rest. Only problem is... my mom's house still has the same amount of junk just waiting for me. :\ Maybe I should just go over there, box them all, and store them there (or somewhere at dad's) until I have time to get them? I dunno. I want my bed though. >:| I'm going to take some of the pillows fosho. Two body pillows + one normal pillow = NOT ENOUGH. MOAR. At least one more.

what does this have to do with cosplay?


I am gonna throw out some old costumes though, maybe give away some fabric, and throw out a bunch of scrap fabric. I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE CLEANED. IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE AND MAKING ME MOODY. A libra that ISN'T organized? WHAT IS GOING ON?
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