entry number twenty

Sooo I totally don't like my Sokka sandals because they're made for someone with bigger feet. I wanted to use my flipflops as a base because well.. duh. sandals. flipflops. HELLOOOOO.

But my one pair is lost in the room of storage, so I used my Mickey Mouse ones (SHOWS HOW MUCH I LOVE SOKKA OK). I forgot they're a size too big, so... they're too big!!! :( but they will do :( I've only seen one or two people make the sandals anyway, so the size can be overlooked. bwuahahah.

ok they're not so bad. I just have to paint the bottoms to be black and fix the red (lol so uneven).

ps: also made the flame for the hairtie, gold on the collar (100% now~!!!), & uh.. we'll see what else I can come up with. tomorrow = wrist bands & pants. then the rest is hollyhollyholly and pokemonfaggot.

HOORAY I FINALLY GET TO DO THE MASQ FOR ONCE. HOORAIOJDS YEA. And of course it's Wang Fire and not something I worked hard onx23432049032. lol. But Wang Fire is still sewn very nicely for such a simple thing (I just hate the collar).
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entry number nineteen

Awwwwwwwww thumbelina. I want to make her now. Add that to the Halloween list along with Megara, Sailor Mercury, Ragnarok Online, & Rogue (X-MEN FTW). oh dear. Her wig would have to be three wigs though because her ponytail is soo thick. ;[

I'm starting off little.

and then work up to the big stuff. costume-wise. i'll also drink coffee to make me not take a nap. lol

HMM. I did some today and hopefully, I can do more tomorrow. I want to finish the pants (aka find them), wrist bands (50% atm), & start the sandals tomorrow. The sandals shouldn't take long since most of it will be foam.

FAN EXPO WILL BE FUN BECAUSE LIKE.. IT'S MY HOME CON. My favourite con. 2004 was the best year and I haven't had that much fun since, but I think I will this time since I plan on hanging out A LOTTTTTT for once. T_T

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entry number eighteen

ok let's try this again.

to-do list for today:
- wash walls
- holly summers: fix top straps
- fn sokka: closures
- fn sokka: wristbands
- fn sokka: pants (maybe)

start off slow

work up to the big.


this week i should be getting all my packages including my foam, so I hope to start Holly's leg before the weekend. yay
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entry number seventeen

progress is FAIL AND LAME because I was busy all weekend.

tonight: do NOTHING, but clean my room and then play some RO (TEEHEE) later on.

i think i would be sewing 300 times more if i had a set up and ROOM to sew. god. i miss going into my room and blasting music. i can't do that in the living room (aka my new room minus the current room i sleep in that is covered in junk) unless no one is home.

it shouldn't take more than an evening to move all that junk into the other room. Then I can go out for some paint tomorrow and uh.. start painting it. Maybe it will be done by this weekend (yeah right), so I can have 2 weeks to sew. A new costume maybe? Moe Travis with non-pink avaitors (wahhhhhhhhhhh)? Porygon gijinka (digimon > all), some more avatar, or uh.. something else.


oh well

one more day of work.

i do enjoy the thought of doing such a huge amount of cleaning. I've been throwing things out slowly since the winter, but now I can do the rest. Only problem is... my mom's house still has the same amount of junk just waiting for me. :\ Maybe I should just go over there, box them all, and store them there (or somewhere at dad's) until I have time to get them? I dunno. I want my bed though. >:| I'm going to take some of the pillows fosho. Two body pillows + one normal pillow = NOT ENOUGH. MOAR. At least one more.

what does this have to do with cosplay?


I am gonna throw out some old costumes though, maybe give away some fabric, and throw out a bunch of scrap fabric. I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE CLEANED. IT IS DRIVING ME INSANE AND MAKING ME MOODY. A libra that ISN'T organized? WHAT IS GOING ON?
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entry number sixteen

fn sokka to-do list for tonight:
01. handsew hook & eyes onto collar
02. handsew hook & eyes onto shirt
03. cut/modify pants
04. sew edge/trim onto pants
05. sew square for belt

i'll most likely be distracted by matt and mandy coming home and the fighting that will occur. loool

um hm.

I also decided to make the space sword. No idea what I'll do for the case though because his case doesn't make sense. :(

i'm also tempted to make albel nox. i'd loved him and wanted to cosplay him for at least 3 years and it's extremely rare to see an albel cosplayer!
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entry number fifthteen


things left to-do for fire nation sokka:
01. armband -> buy
02. collar -> gold + hook & eyes
03. wristbands
04. pants -> modify + sew bottom trim on
05. belt -> velcro + square
06. shirt -> cording + fix + finish armoholes
07. sandals
08. weapon -> maybe. i want it, but don't know howtf to make it.
09. hair tie

to buy:
01. armband (dark red)
02. two shades of yellow foam
03. red foam
04. black cording
05. velcro

a lot of crap, but most of them are little things. put them all together and it would only take 1-2 days. yup. i've just been sleep & food deprived, so i'm extra lazy. tonight should be better though!

01. wristbands
02. fix shirt
03. finish armholes
04. find pants
05. modify pants
06. sew trim on pants
07. make square for belt
08. hook & eyes on collar

And my white reflective vinyl tape just came in. Inspired to work on Simon now, so for fun:

01. add glasses to skull

\m/ GLOW BITCH GLOW. Here is my Simon progress from like a week ago that I never posted:

ps travis is out of the picture because the glasses are too LAME. i'm either sticking to just simon once i finish fn+water tribe+holly summers since Walmart apparently has his boots or.. just making a simple avatar outfit. prison suki would be nice, but I don't have the hair anymore since I dyed it black. haha. maybe ty lee's beach outfit? hmmmm
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entry number fourteen

fn sokka to-do list!

01. sew bias tape on collar
02. hooks & eyes on collar
03. hooks & eyes on top

01. finish pants
02. wristbands
03. armhole on shirt
04. sandals (maybe)

01. sandals (maybe)

and most likely, sokka's water tribe shirt on wednesday too. A NEW AND BEAUTIFUL ONE. YAY. I should fix the boomerang case, so it opens. I've always wondered how the boomerang is packed in there and they finally showed him taking it out during the last episode. However, IT'S FLAT. Maybe he got a new one. Or am I just forgetting something? Haha.

to buy:
01. gold hair tie
02. two shades of yellow & red foam
03. velcro
04. armbands
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entry number thirteen

new list for fan expo:

friday - 01. yuffie - final fantasy: advent children
02. sara - pa*lette
saturday: 01. holly summers - no more heroes
02. sokka (water tribe - season 2) - avatar: the last airbender
03. sokka (fire nation) - avatar: the last airbender
04. wang fire - avatar: the last airbender
sunday: maybe costumes, yuffie, or nothing~

quick costume changes! Though Sokka FN/Wang Fire are pretty much the same people, but I wouldn't mind wearing Sokka FN for some pictures with Jenn's Suki and then throw on a beard. hahhaha. Holly Summers can be worn till like what? 3pm? I guess..

maybe: sokka (earth kingdom) - avatar: the last airbender
or travissss

i want to wear eureka again, so maybe her? i need new hair clips and necklace though.

saga too, but i'm missing half the costume. :\ cry

i wouldn't mind one jrock outfit. maybe aoi?
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entry number twelve

I don't think Picton is happening this weekend. May be going to the jazz festival to get out of the house though.

Alright. Here is the to-do list for the weekend:

01. sokka (water tribe season 3) shirt
02. sokka (fire nation) - collar
03. sokka (fire nation) - wristbands
04. sokka (fire nation) - pants

hooray. fun times. i would love to finish it completely, but we'll at least make it those 4 for now.
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entry number eleven

progress is LAMEEEEEE because it took me forever to make such simple things AND THEY'RE NOT DONE BECAUSE I HAVE NO BROWN/DARK RED THREAD. :[

to-do list from yesterday:
01. serge & sew sokka (fire nation) shirt (minus hemming because of no thread)
02. finish sokka (fire nation) belt (both dark red & red) (minus hemming because of no thread)
03. test out sokka (fire nation) collar because the pattern is stupidddd
04. empty out room
maybe: 05. finish sokka (season 3 - water tribe) shirt (I'M SO HAPPY TO RE-MAKE THIS T_T)

too lazy to empty out room. and then got boohoo from stuff. today i can't do stuff because i have just for laughs and wall-e with the hottie. ftw. will cheer me up A LOTTTTT. :)

and i may go to picton for one night on friday because dad really wants me to go up. also, i really need to spend time out of the house. plus, there is giant space there and i can watch a bunch of movies on satellite (like 27 dresses!!!!). i can spend the night cutting out a bunch of fabrics. Maybe getting Fire Nation Sokka done this weekend! WOOOOHOOO.
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